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Looking for a way to stand out as an applicant and showcase how valuable you can be to your potential employer. Take some time to look over the website, talk to people from within the company, do your research on the company’s performance over the past few quarters and prepare a report on everything the company is doing incorrectly, how it is costing them money, and how you can fix it. This is a bold technique, but one the often works.

Pretend the company hired you as an outside sales consultant to see what they are doing wrong in their practices related to your field of expertise, say marketing. Take the time to see what your potential employer is doing and what its competitors are doing. Look for areas where competitors are taking a different approach to something, say social media marketing on Twitter, and find concrete statistics of how they are outperforming the company you are looking to work at (say more followers or more engagement with posts). Then take the time to make suggestions on what solutions are available and how you can help guide the course of action. Cite well known individuals/studies in your field and show how the changes you have in mind have helped companies in the past solve similar problems.

This tactic will not only allow you to showcase your knowledge to your employers, but also help them find a specific role for you in the company based on the problems you can solve.

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Aditya Mahesh

Aditya Mahesh is currently an undergraduate at UC Berkeley and is the co-founder and CEO of SnipBids, a web start-up focused on restaurant discounts on college campuses across the nation. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times, NBC, and on countless tech and business related blogs.

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