Pitch Page of the Week: Lauren Fournier

This week’s  featured Pitch Page goes to Lauren Fournier from the University of Kansas.

I love to understand people! I excel in creating and maintaining professional relationships during the sales process.

Determined, personable, ambitious, and intelligent are all words that come to mind when looking at Lauren’s pitch page. It’s not a coincidence that those characteristics are the same qualities that hiring managers always tell us they find in their most successful hires. Take a look at Lauren’s pitch page to see how she proves she will be successful in the sales industry by the way that she first and foremost sells herself!

Good stuff Lauren!

Click here to see Lauren’s Pitch Page

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Jeremiah Reardon

I graduated from the University of Missouri with degrees in Finance and Real Estate but decided to head down a different path for my career choice. I am excited about shaking up the job recruitment process and look forward to helping college grads lock up a job early in their senior year so they can spend the lasts months going out with a bang! jeremiah.beyondcredentials.com

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