Pitch Page of the Week: Rob Bernhard

This week’s featured Pitch Page goes to Rob Bernhard from Marquette University.

Affable, passionate and frustratingly over-educated and under-experienced. Just looking for an opportunity to prove myself and shine.

It is no secret that some industries are harder to get into than others. Breaking into the Marketing industry is going to be slightly easier than getting into the Sports Management industry… especially straight out of college. To do that, you will need the right tools (education, personality) and a career path that aligns with your dream job.

Take a look at Rob’s pitch page to see how he is doing exactly that… and making himself very marketable along the way. Good stuff Rob.

View Rob’s Pitch Page here.

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Jeremiah Reardon

I graduated from the University of Missouri with degrees in Finance and Real Estate but decided to head down a different path for my career choice. I am excited about shaking up the job recruitment process and look forward to helping college grads lock up a job early in their senior year so they can spend the lasts months going out with a bang! jeremiah.beyondcredentials.com

  • Jack

    Tons of people want to be the Sports Management arena, but only a few actually take the career steps necessary to accomplish that goal. Good stuff

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