How to Get a Government Job

Dear Alex: What are some ideas for looking for a job with the federal government?

Good plan.  Approximately 2.7 million people are employed by the federal government and 84% are located outside of the Washington DC area.

Contrary to my advice for other sectors, most federal jobs are secured through traditional application procedures.  To access the federal-job postings, start with, which, as of this writing, lists over 50,000 openings. That site has a separate link for positions created by the stimulus package.

Visit the individual websites of your favorite federal agencies. You can access the major ones from An agency may have special positions and recruitment programs listed only on its site. That means you’ll be competing with fewer job seekers.

An even more under-the-radar source of shorter term federal jobs is It lists positions, including many overseas, which are filled via personal service contracts. Those jobs are less secure than government jobs but usually pay more.  Best of luck!

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