Pitch Page of the Week: Jacqueline Covillo

This week’s featured pitch page goes to Jacqueline Covillo from the University of Kansas.

I am a true leader, achiever, and problem-solver who is known to go above and beyond requirements and expectations.

Having relevant work experience is regularly ranked as the most important factor by hiring managers.  But relevant experience is pretty irregular to have when you are just getting out of college. So what should you do?

Emphasize the experience you’ve built up with the extracurricular activities you have been involved with. It shows employers that you are active on your campus, have experience in leadership roles, and that you are a “go getter”. Take a look at Jacqueline’s pitch-page to see how she emphasizes all of her extracurricular involvement to make her profile standout from the rest of the competition. Having a 3.8 gpa also doesn’t hurt! Congratulations Jacqueline!

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Jeremiah Reardon

I graduated from the University of Missouri with degrees in Finance and Real Estate but decided to head down a different path for my career choice. I am excited about shaking up the job recruitment process and look forward to helping college grads lock up a job early in their senior year so they can spend the lasts months going out with a bang! jeremiah.beyondcredentials.com

  • http://www.odower.com Andy O’Dower

    Nice pitch page. Creates a great first impression to anyone who sees it, especially your circle of friends, parent’s friends and extended network. This is how you get calls back, people!

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