Pitch Page of the Week: Whitley Miller

This week’s featured pitch page goes to Whitley Miller from the University of Memphis.

I am a determined, creative, and highly motivated young lady who has learned discipline in and outside of the boxing ring.

Take a look at Whitley’s pitch page to see where she gets the motivation to pay her way through college, earn a 3.8 gpa in Marketing, and stay involved with extra-curricular activities while supporting her family during trying times.

Whitley is living out the real-life example of one of her favorite quotes, “Somewhere today, a mother facing punishing poverty, still takes the time to teach her child not to be afraid to stand alone and scrapes what coins she has for her child’s education; for she believes that a cruel world still has a place for that child’s dream.”

Good stuff Whitley

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Jeremiah Reardon

I graduated from the University of Missouri with degrees in Finance and Real Estate but decided to head down a different path for my career choice. I am excited about shaking up the job recruitment process and look forward to helping college grads lock up a job early in their senior year so they can spend the lasts months going out with a bang! jeremiah.beyondcredentials.com

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