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We’re committed to bringing our candidates only the best career opportunities in and around Chicago. Chicago’s economy boasts career opportunities and high paying jobs across all industries for people of all walks of life.

Why live here?
World class city.
Ranking in the Top 5 among 374 metro areas in the U.S.
More 5 star restaurants than any other city in the U.S.
Centrally located, Chicago provides easy access to the world.
Thriving metropolis where nightlife and entertainment abounds.
Lake Michigan in the summer is unbeatable.
People, location with big city atmosphere and Midwestern feel.
Great public transportation.
Boasts world-class museums and cultural institutions.
Has a wide range of arts and entertainment, and an abundance of parks, trails, and outdoor recreation.
Top notch health care and educational institutions.

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Why work here?
Diverse economy. Skilled workforce.
Leader in a number of key industries including: Business & Financial Services, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Health Services, and Transportation & Distribution
Global leader in options, futures, and derivatives trading.
2,900 daily flights including direct and nonstop service to more than 220 cities worldwide.
29 Fortune 500 HQs
12 FT Global 500 HQs
10 Fortune Global 500 HQs
400+ Major Corporate Headquarters

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We only accept students and alumni from US News & World Reports's top 300 Universities in the US with a 3.0+ GPA.

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-Members of prestigious national honor societies
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